Meet Our Team

Frank Holladay, MD




University of California- B.A. Zoology

Creighton University School of Medicine- M.D.

General Surgery Internship Creighton University Affiliated Hospitals

Research Fellow, Neurological Surgery University of Kentucky Medical Center

Resident in Neurological Surgery University of Kentucky Medical Center

Honorary Assistant House Physician

Neurology Chief Resident, Neurological Surgery


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Emeline F., Merriam, KS
Emeline F.
Merriam, KS
“Loved this place for our 3 year old!! We did originally have her tubes done elsewhere and will not be going back due to loving Ascentist so much!”
Jessica M., Kansas City, MO
Jessica M.
Kansas City, MO
"People with allergies and or anything that deals with your sniffer, should come to this place. Our daughter had surgery here but its relatively quick and not too painful. Staff was very nice. If it helps your loved ones, check into it."
C., Lee’s Summit, MO
Lee’s Summit, MO
"The care, compassion, professionalism, and friendliness from the doctors and staff are hard to beat. I enjoy each visit and a piece of me will be saddened that I will no longer need to go into the office much longer (because he listens and is great at his job), Dr. Foster listens, cares, and is ready to tackle my concerns. I am grateful to be referred to Dr. Foster and hope others are receiving the same experience!"
Sharon R., Ascentist Healthcare patient
Sharon R
Merriam, KS

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