Hospital: What to Expect

Being admitted to the hospital can be an especially stressful experience for patients and their families. That’s why Ascentist Healthcare is dedicated to delivering personalized medical care with an emphasis on patient comfort. Our state-of-the-art facilities in the Kansas City area and our team of compassionate professionals are committed to ensuring that every patient’s stay is as comfortable, informative, and positive as possible.
A team of doctors gathers in a hospital.

Ascentist Hospital

4901 College Blvd
Leawood, KS 66211

Phone: (913) 529-1801

Monday – Friday: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Compassionate Hospital Healthcare

At Ascentist Healthcare, we understand that patients and their loved ones may be anxious or concerned about their upcoming hospital experience. Check out the information below to help ease concerns and prepare you for what to expect during your stay with us.

Before Your Stay

  • Scheduling & Pre-Admission: Once your doctor decides that you need to be admitted to the hospital, the admission process begins. This may be planned in advance or might happen in an emergency. If it’s a planned admission, you’ll receive details about the date and time, any pre-admission tests or procedures, and information about fasting or medication restrictions.

Upon Arrival

  • Check-in Process: Upon entering Asentist Healthcare Hospital, you’ll be guided to the admissions desk. Our friendly staff will gather the necessary information, confirm your details, and provide an identification wristband.
  • Orientation: To help you get familiar with our facility, a staff member will give you a brief orientation, pointing out key areas such as restrooms, waiting areas, and more.

During Your Stay

  • Treatment and Procedures: Depending on the reason for your admission, you may undergo various treatments or procedures. Rest assured, our team will always keep you informed and ensure you understand each step of the process.
  • Patient Rights & Responsibilities: As a patient, you have certain rights and responsibilities. These include the right to respectful care, privacy, and to be informed about procedures and treatments. You also have a responsibility to provide accurate health information and to ask questions if you don’t understand something.

Preparing for Discharge

  • Post-Care Discussion: Before you’re discharged, your doctor or nurse will discuss post-care instructions, including medications, dietary changes, and any restrictions.
  • Billing and Insurance: Our billing department will help you understand the costs associated with your care and how they will be billed to your insurance. They can also help with payment plans if needed.
  • Follow-up Appointments: It’s crucial to adhere to any recommended follow-up appointments to ensure your continued health and recovery.

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From primary care to major surgery and everything in between, Ascentist Healthcare brings specialists and physicians together in one place to provide comprehensive healthcare for our patients.