SINUVA™ for Nasal Polyps

A man suffering from sinus pain holds his face and sinus area.

Are you tired of beating yourself up over how to clear nasal congestion, obstruction, and loss of smell because of stubborn nasal polyps? The ENT specialists at Ascentist know that these cause seemingly endless nights of sleep loss that ultimately lead to hair loss, excessive weight loss, and other personal problems. You do not have to suffer anymore though. There is a treatment option designed to reduce nasal polyps called SINUVA™.

How are polyps normally treated?

As nasal polyps grow, they can block the nasal passages and cause major discomfort. Throughout the years, doctors have responded with saline rinses, steroid sprays, oral steroids, and/or biologics. Despite these efforts, traditional treatments may not always provide sufficient and reliable relief. Accordingly, patients may be trapped going from one treatment to another trying to control their symptoms.

What can I expect with the SINUVA™ implant?

The device is placed into the nose via an endoscopic procedure. It delivers a corticosteroid directly into the sinuses where it will remain until it has been completely absorbed by the body. This treatment may last anywhere from 3 months to as long as 12 months depending on the patient’s response. After removal, there should not be any noticeable scarring.

What Else Should I Know

If you have any other questions about the risks, benefits, and safety information regarding SINUVA™, please visit their parent site or schedule an appointment with an Ascentist Healthcare doctor.

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