ClariFix®: Relief From Chronic Rhinitis

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Why keep suffering from chronic rhinitis?

Chronic Rhinitis sufferers know just how frustrating and miserable a constant runny or stuffy nose can be. Millions of Americans are battling the same symptoms of Chronic Rhinitis, and many have tried treatment after treatment in an attempt to combat them. Today, there is a new treatment that provides real, long term relief.

Stop wasting your money on short term relief!

Nasal Spray and over the counter medication just don’t offer Chronic Rhinitis suffers the relief that they need. Pills, drops, and nasal sprays can be expensive and only provide a temporary fix to a chronic problem. So what’s the solution that will finally provide long term relief?


ClariFix® isn’t another pill, spray, or drop. It takes a new and modern approach to Chronic Rhinitis relief. Using cryotherapy through endoscopy, ClariFix® cools the inflammation and nerves in your nose that are the source of your stuffy and runny nose. This simple but effective procedure is done in the office and allows for our patients to recover and start feeling the results quickly.

How ClariFix® is Different:

  • Minimally Invasive Procedure
  • Long term Relief
  • Safety
  • Quick Recovery
A tool used to administer Clarifix treatment.

4 out of 5 people who have chosen ClariFix® have discovered long term relief to their chronic rhinitis.

At Ascentist Healthcare, we want to provide all of our patients with relief so great, they won’t need to come back. The modern technology of ClariFix® will help our patients do just that.

Don’t be one of the 24 million Americans continuing to suffer from Chronic Rhinitis symptoms, and be the one who did something about it.

ClariFix® is the only FDA cleared medical device for chronic rhinitis in adults

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